I am Joe's Right Brain

My artistic side


Who is Joe

Joe is a lawyer. He’s been a lawyer for 30 years. He is in a private law practice with his own law firm. He chiefly works in business cases and other civil lawsuits and on class actions. Joe has tried over 60 cases to a verdict or judgment. He has been the primary lawyer in more than 90 appeals. Joe was once nominated for a seat on the Missouri Supreme Court. Joe did not end up getting appointed, but they guy who did is a lovely person and excellent judge, so the People did alright.

Joe lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. In the actual city. South City. Tower Grove Park. With his wife, Jing. No pets. Jing is very tolerant of the art stuff that is everywhere.

Joe wants to be an artist when he grows up. Growing up is taking longer than expected.


Joe Jacobson, Self-portrait in charcoal

This website is intended to display Joe’s artistic side. Joe is an “outsider” artist without any formal training, but he is studying as hard as he can on his own as he would like to be with the “in” kids. Joe works in many mediums, including charcoal, watercolors, acrylic, and oil. Joe is also a photographer (digital). Joe is constantly exploring new mediums and modes of expression. He has been imagining wooden sculptures for several years. Joe has a basement full of wood, including trees he chopped down with his own hands 20 years ago. (Okay, he used a saw, but you know what was meant.)

Joe has works in private collections from coast to coast and in several law firm offices in Missouri.

Joe’s goals for the present is to become a better artist. His specific goal for portraiture is to create portraits that look more like the person than does a photograph. Painting from life is key to this. Joe’s longer term goals are to get his works in two galleries and to sell at least four works per month.

Joe’s other interests including bicycling, cooking, and socializing. He used to read, a lot, but he gave it up for art.

Joe has enjoyed this opportunity to address you in third person. He looks forward to meeting you in first person.